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Understanding the Benefits of FM Approved Flood Abatement

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FM Approval Standard #2510 for Flood Abatement Equipment

fm approvals flood abatement equipment

FM Approvals® – A Global Leader in Certification and Testing

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The “FM APPROVED” mark is backed by scientific research and testing and certifies that a product conforms to the highest performance standards. FM Approvals is the only testing organization in the world that tests individual components and materials associated with flood abatement products and systems. 

FM Approvals Testing & Certification

Presray is proud of our product certification program with globally recognized FM Approvals® — part of commercial insurance and risk management giant FM Global Group® — FM Approvals is the gold standard in third-party product certification and testing. Presray offers an unmatched level of internal and third-party testing of its products.

FM APPROVED certification is one part of the Presray Quality Assurance program – first created in the 1970s to meet the demanding requirement of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

For more information, download Benefits of FM Approved Flood Abatement.pdf

Presray FM Approved Products

FM Approved Products

Presray’s FM-certified products meet or exceed rigorous material and performance standards in critical flood control situations.  The following Presray FM APPROVED products have undergone the most rigorous product quality and performance testing available:


Flood Abatement Testing Standard

Presray’s watertight doors and flood barriers were tested under FM Approvals Standard #2510 for FLOOD ABATEMENT EQUIPMENT covering Opening Barriers (Sec. 4.3). This rigorous standard evaluates the suitability of the product for stated applications; product performance under simulated conditions, and the product’s durability and reliability.

The performance tests of Presray’s flood products were conducted by FM Approvals at the Presray Testing & Training Center and covered two categories:

  1. Hydrostatic loading (Sec. 4.3.2)
  2. Dynamic Impact Loading (Sec. 4.3.3)
Additionally, re-use of the barrier was addressed by requiring that the barrier to be removed and re-deployed at the conclusion of each test.

For more information, download: FM Approval Standard #2510 — Flood Abatement Equipment.pdf

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