Flood Protection

We take our watertight products personally because we made our first flood barriers for ourselves. Our factory is next to a stream and almost every spring rising waters used to flood part of our facility. So we designed flood barriers using our well-known seal technology that was developed for nuclear and aerospace applications. It worked so well, we entered the business of flood protection. Over fifty years, and thousands of watertight doors and barriers later, we're a leader in flood protection and our factory is still bone dry.

Our watertight product line is incredibly comprehensive and covers the gamut from modular flood barriers that can be deployed in a critical opening by one person in a matter of minutes to massive flood gates and barriers that can seal off a two-lane highway. We also offer Spent Fuel Pool Gates with seals that are resistant to radiation-related deterioration.


The Most Tested & Certified Products Available

describe the imagePresray's flood products exceed all government guidelines: 


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