America’s Best Source for "Stop Logs"

No other flood mitigation company offers more models of stackable stop log systems than Presray. And no other company offers stop logs that have undergone more testing:

We currently offer five models of stop logs to ensure the solution matches the challenge. Under our innovative FastLogs™ product line we offer 3 models depending upon the width of the opening and the height of protection, For the most critical applications, we also offer 6” and 8” versions of our heavy duty CGSL Stackable Flood Barriers.

Many other companies offer only one version of stop logs and you end up getting insufficient protection or wasting money on more barrier than you really need.

Let our engineers help you choose the right stop log system for your requirements.


FastLogs are Presray’s best selling stop log systems. They provide lightweight, cost efficient and reliable protection for openings in most buildings. FastLogs are durable and easy to deploy by a single person without any tools.

The ingenious interlocking design of FastLogs causes water pressure against the barrier to tighten the logs by transferring horizontal water pressure into downward pressure on the compression seals located across the bottom of each log.

FastLogs come in three models: Light Duty (LD), Standard Duty (SD) and Heavy Duty (HD).


CGSL – Stackable Flood Barriers

These heavy-duty, stop log flood barriers provide reliable flood protection for wide openings that are subject to relatively high floodwaters and/or potential abuse from heavy debris.

CGSL stop logs provide maximum stop log flood protection for commercial and industrial applications and for critical infrastructure and civic facilities such as transit systems, utilities, stadiums and parking garages. They are specifically designed to handle difficult unseating load situations where very little leakage can be tolerated.

CGSL stackable barriers are available in 6” and 8” high logs.