Labs & Cleanrooms

Failure is not an option in laboratories that handle highly contagious diseases with no known cure. So its not surprising that Quality, Durability and Reliability are not just buzzwords when Presray talks about laboratory doors.

Presray’s critical containment solutions, such as our APR Doors, provide the biosafety and biosecurity for some of the most critical laboratories in the world. Presray is among America's most trusted makers of airtight laboratory doors and hatches. Our customers include the US Army, The National Institute for Health (NIH), and BSL3-AG and BSL4 laboratories of all sizes.

Broad experience across all types of critical containment solutions – from biosafety to flood protection – is invaluable. For example, our experience with biometric access control devices such as iris scanners; and security-related products such as ballistic-rated doors and windows are increasingly relevant no matter what the nature of your critical facility.