Fire Doors & Ballistic Doors

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fire doors and ballistic doors diagramPresray’s fire doors and ballistic doors are based on proven designs and customized to meet the specific needs and performance parameters of every individual installation.

Both fire and ballistic doors are available in single or double panel configuration with frames prepared for installation in masonry, steel, or wood stud construction.

All of our steel doors have been tested by Underwrites laboratories and are available in ratings of 45, 90 or 180-minutes.

These doors are made to take abuse while providing reliable protection from fire and other threats to your facility.


Whether you need to protect your facility from fire, pressure differentials, ballistics or all the above, Presray will deliver on your design and performance requirements.

With our unprecedented experience in seal technology we can also provide air pressure resistant (APR) functionality to increase the security and containment properties of your doors.

We offer a complete range of fire doors and ballistic doors, hardware options, view ports, access and security systems.

As with all of our products, we provide turnkey installation, inspection services, field service repairs and the sourcing of hard-to-find replacement hardware.

fire doors and ballistic doors diagram

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