Presray Virtual Patent Marking

Presray Corporation is a leading provider of critical containment products. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C § 287(a).

The patents listed below cover proprietary Presray technology:

FastLogs® Stackable Flood Barriers
Including FastLogs-LD®, FastLogs-SD®, FastLogs-HD®
U.S. Patent No. 8,001,735, "Flood Barrier System"

CGSL Stackable Flood Barriers
U.S. Patent No. 7,552,565, "Flood Barrier System"

FB33 Adjustable Flood Barrier
U.S Patent No. 7,523,589, "Portable Flood Barrier Panel"

Presray Pneumatic Seal APR Doors
Including BIO4-X
US. Patent No. 7,178,810, "Mounting Arrangement for Inflatable Seals"